Install and Verify
The first installation and a quick verification of the plug-in and the application

First, the installation

1/ Open Eclipse (tested on Indigo)


2/ Go to "Help" and then "Install New Software..."


3/ Click "Add..." to add a new repository. The location is "" which is the same as


4/ Select "IusCL IDE", click "Next"


5/ Select the feature, click "Next"


6/ Accept the license, click "Finish"


7/ Click "OK" to install unsigned


8/ Restart Eclipse


9/ After restart, verify that the plugin is there, "Help" menu and then "About Eclipse"


10/ And that is the correct version


11/ Click the perspectives button, and select the "IusCL IDE" perspective


12/ If the following perspective appears, the installation is successful


Now, let's verify it:

1/ Go to "File", "New", "Other..." and select "IusCL Application"


2/ Name the project "ExampleProject" (just to be sure verify and create the project location folder, default "C:\IusCL_Applications")


3/ Click "Finish" and wait until the main form appears in the perspective


4/ Go to "Project Explorer", and select "ExampleProject.launch"


5/ Right click it, select "Run As", and then "ExampleProject"


6/ The application should start


7/ Go to "Component Palette", select "Button"


8/ Click the form where you want the button to be, the button will be put on the form and also declared in code


9/ Go back to the form editor and double click the button


10/ Inside the created event function, write "IusCLDialogs", code completion should be functional


11/ Chose "showMessage"


12/ Put "Hello World" as message


13/ Save all, and then launch the application. From now on it can be launched from the Eclipse toolbar


14/ Click on the button, and the message should appear


That's it, IusCL is installed and verified

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